• god: why are you approaching that cow
  • god: what are you doing
  • god: no
  • god: what
  • god: are you seriously going to do that
  • god: oh fuck, he's doing it
  • god: he's actually doing it
  • god: this is fucked up
  • god: I've fucked up

Post-ride lunch before work. Brown rice, twice-baked tofu with Polynesian sauce from sprouts, and sautéed veggies (kale, onion, red pepper, garlic) topped with avo. #vegan #whatveganseat #plantbasedathlete #poweredbyplants #veganfoodshare

First #ride living in #orangecounty with a turnaround point in Long Beach. Also, they’re taking down the Indy car track and it’s pretty cool to ride through. #cycling #queenmary

Hanging out grabbing a pre-show beer with @liiightsout. City and Colour in a couple hours. (at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens)

How the morning started

#coachella #toughmudder style


This Coachella is kind of bittersweet for me… I’m happy to be here, but the friends I was going to be with aren’t here, leaving me with people I don’t know and share little in common with. And I’m not all that excited to be here with my mom. It’s just been a stressful, hectic, draining week, and I want to be home, going for a run and putting the place together more. But it’s okay… Trying to enjoy it here. City and Colour on Tuesday, which should be fun, as well.

Curried tofu scramble, bagel, apple, banana, orange, and a cup of coffee. The orange, by the way, @liiightsout got from a coworker and it is freaking amazing. Also the colour scheme makes me feel like I’m in a Wes Anderson movie, and I’m okay with this. #whatveganseat #vegan #butwheredoyougetyourprotein #allyoupeopleeatissalad #obviously

New shoe day today! I’m bummed to move away from my #newbalance #minimus shoes, but I need more arch support. So hello Nike!